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By Sam WeinmanAUGUSTA, Ga. — Whether Tiger Woods is disqualified from the Masters because of his drop on the 15th hole Friday is something Augusta National is currently reviewing. But according to former USGA executive director David Fay, there’s limited room for interpretation. “Based on the way the rules are written I don’t see how he’s anything other than a spectator today,” Fay said.In question is whether Woods’ drop was, as the Rules of Golf dictates, “as near as possible” to the spot from which the original ball was last played. In an interview following his round, Woods acknowledged he dropped two yards back from his original spot because he wanted a better yardage. By that measure, Woods was in violation of Rule 26-1 and should hae been assessed a one-stroke penalty. But since he didn’t add that penalty to his scorecard, he signed for an incorrect score and would thus have to be disqualified.”Six feet is not as near as possible, especially since he knew where the original spot was because of the divot,” Fay said. And even if Woods were confused by the rule, and didn’t particularly benefit from the improved drop, Fay said Augusta National has little choice. “You have to operate with the rules you have, not the rules you want.”

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